Lash Glue

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KSLA Professional's high quality lashing glue is the perfect way to ensure the best experience for your client, with a quick drying time and only the best ingredients. 


KSLA Professional's glue has only 1-2 seconds of drying time, so that you can perfect your client's lashing experience with ease. An air tight pouch and sealed bottle keeps the glue fresh- to open simply use the enclosed pin to break the seal. 

To get the best results ensure 50-80% humidity; that your room temperature is between 15-30; store upright and away from direct sunlight and moisture; shake for one minute before use.

Shelf life is one year unopened, use within 4-6 weeks once opened. 

Full safety tests have been carried out with our manufacturers, but you must always patch test every client 48 hours before using this glue. Always wear a mask and ensure good ventilation for your own health.